Our Language School offers beginner, intermediate, advanced, and integration courses.  At all levels, our program is customized to your current understanding of the language.

Whether you are learning the basics or fine tuning your advanced french speaking skills, our classes are designed to push you beyond what is comfortable. Having taught french for more than 60 years, we know that immersion in a French speaking environment is the best way to learn quickly and effectively. Our teachers take the time to meet your individual needs in the classroom, while trying to make French fun and practical.

Classes are composed of three main elements: grammar, dialogue, and conversation. Grammar rules are applied in dialogue and conversation-in-context and reinforced by exercises, cultural field trips, and home lab work completed at your own pace. We also offer Bible vocabulary classes to equip students for life and ministry in a French evangelical context as most of our students will be going on to the mission field.



Our courses provide a balanced and interactive way to learn!



Language School Calendar (2024-2025) (subject to change)

"Learning language is never easy but our professors were so patient and encouraging. We shared laughs, tears, and prayers. We will never forget our time at Parole de Vie." - Tim

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"I always pictured us doing language school in France but we ended up at Parole de Vie, and I have never once wished that we had gone to France. The community has just been amazing for us as a family with young kids!" -Jessica

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We have a unique experience here at our Language school in that we share our campus with Word of Life Bible Institute students. Each week our language school students meet with people attending the Bible Institute to practice their French. We also take our language school students out to places like a Maple Syrup sugar shack, an apple orchard, and more so that they can not only experience the riches of the Quebec culture, but also so that they can use and practice their language training in real world scenarios.


We offer affordable furnished apartments on our Campus, and help students find housing off our property. These apartments can house both individuals and families. We can accommodate single young adults in our dormitories for a more immersive experience, although extra charges do apply for things like eating in the dining room, and living in the dorm.


Yes! We offer daycare on campus for our language school student’s little ones! Our daycare personnel are interns and students at the Bible Institute, so they will be loved and cared for while you are in class. The daycare is set up with age appropriate toys, games, and books. We have found that not only do the kids love spending time with their babysitters, but our Bible Institute students grow attached to the kids!



A few of the mission agencies that our graduates serve with.